spymode.nrx                                                                             Version 2.55
===========                                                                   Copyright 2008 D:Virus

  Spymode will make you phone look switched off but is still is a full functional phone. I have made
some changes to the way SPYMODE functions..

When active:
1: Automatic answer to 1 Preset Number only or all numbers.
3: Phone will not store Preset number in Received or Missed call list.
4: Volume level is set to its lowest level.

All settings above are restored when spymode is de-activated.

Preset Number can be up to 20 characters in length.
Keyword can be word or number up to 20 characters in length.

There are 2 ways to revery back to normal operation.
1: Press and hold '#' for 5 seconds when not on a spy call
2: press and hold the POWER key (about 3 seconds) then the phone will reboot.
* Keyword
This is used to activate / deactivate by SMS. Enter a word or digits up to 10 char in length and save it.
Now from another phone send a message with the KEYWORD you just saved as the FIRST word in the message.
When the phone receives a text message it will check to see if the first word in the message is the
KEYWORD and if so it will activate spymode or de-activate it if already runing. This can be done from
ANY phone number.

* Number
This is for the preset number. Enter # as the phone number and save to answer all incoming calls or
enter a full phone number to answer only the phone number entered.

* Activate
This will start SPYMODE now but if you have entered a keyword then you can send a message with the
KEYWORD to start at a later time.

Spymode now installs everything to the MCU including the TEXT strings, This way you can install to
other phones and still keep the original PPM packs as long as there is enough space in the MCU of course.

Requires   : 30 bytes from EEPROM
Parameters : None
Definition : spymode

V2.55 - Removed SMS Options and replaced with SMS KEYWORD.
V2.53 - Removed questions on startup. Now setup from the menu first.
      - Volume from the speaker is now turned to its lowest setting when spymode is active.
V2.52 - Added SMS deactivate option and option to activate now or wait for SMS.
V2.51 - Fixed Auto answer preset number bug.