send_notification_icon.nrx                                                            Version 1.01
  ==========================                                                  Copyright 2008 D:Virus

  Message Notification Icons are sent from your service provider to indicate you have either a
Voicemail, Fax, Email or other type of message and will display a small icon on your standby screen.
Now you can send your own from your own phone as well as deactivate them when you require.
Please note each request will cost you 1 text message to send.

Requires   : None
Parameters : None
Definition : send_notification_icon

Note: "Other" icon type might not work with some older phones. Have tested on these models.

Voicemail, Fax & Email only   - 3310, 8210
Voicemail, Fax, Email & Other - N91, N95 & W880i

V1.01 - When SET ON is selected you can SET the amount (xx = up to 255) to display when the message is received.
        EG "xx new voicemail messages".