network_strength.nrx                                                                 Version 1.06
   ====================                                                       Copyright 2006 D:Virus

   Will show the network signal strength in -xx dBm. The display will update every second until
switched off. The settings are PROFILED.

Uses same function as the Caller group ID to display the strength so may conflict if both are active.

Requires   : None
Parameters : None
Definition : network_strength

V1.06 - Fixed display bug.
V1.05 - Fixed the calculation if the signal. Now full correct with Net Monitor.
V1.04 - Fixed display strength when there is no signal.
V1.03 - Rewritten with NEW way of handling strength.
V1.02 - Removed TOP display option. Caused bug with display
V1.01 - Small fix in the display to stop both locations showing when changing between them.