sim_watcher.nrx                                                                       Version 1.04
  ===============                                                             Copyright 2008 D:Virus

  Sim Watcher will monitor your SIM Card in your phone and if this changes from the one first set
up then a message will be sent to a pre defined number informing you it has been changed. To set
this up, you must access the definition and set your phone number. Once saved the phone will check
and store your SIM card ID. On every STARTUP the phone will check to see if the SIM card ID
matches the one that was previously saved, if not then it will send you a message. First it will
check the phone is in signal and if so will send you the message. If it fails to send or there is
no signal then it will check every 30 seconds and try again.

Part of the message sent will include the new sim cards IMSI & the phones IMEI numbers the current
"CELL ID" and the current "Local Area Code".
Requires   : 93 Bytes from Eeprom.
Parameters : None
Definition : sim_watcher

V1.04 - Fixed sent message text.
V1.03 - Changes to code, functions better now.
V1.02 - Fixed a bug with own text and changed CID to HEX value.
V1.01 - A small little change.