phonebook.nrx                                                                         Version 1.25
  =============                                                          Copyright 2007-2008 D:Virus

  Using the definition below you will have access to a phonebook memory which stores all
names & numbers in the eeprom. You can 'SEARCH', 'ADD', 'EDIT', 'ERASE' each entry.
When a call is received or made and the number is stored in the phone memory
then the Name that goes with the number will be shown instead. Quick dial any entry by
dialling the entry number followed by *.

This script will let you define during the process, the amount of entries you will require.
If nothing is entered then the script will get the maximum from eeprom.rx.

In the options menu you can set the MEMORY IN USE to phone. This will allow you to save a
name & number while in standby mode and USE the down key to access the phone memory.

Requires   : 30 bytes from eeprom for EACH entry.
Parameters : [ENTRIES AMOUNT] Default will get the maximum from eeprom.rx
Definition : "See Below"

phonebook           : Can use this definition for access or use MSG_PHONEBOOK.
                      This definition can be used to SECURE the phonebook.
phonebook_in_use    : Add this to your original 3310 sim phonebook menu.
phonebook_erase_all : Use to secure the Erase All option.
phonebook_barring   : Place a call bar on phone numbers.

Copy function will copy your phonebook entries to the TFS. If you copy "One by one" then the script
will check to see if it already there and if so will ask you if you want to overwrite it.
If you choose "Copy all" then the script will not check and overwrite all entries with the same name.

Remember to add "filetype_pb.nrx" to have the TFS option support.

V1.25 - Renamed Call Restrictions to call barring.
      - Small code change.
V1.22 - Added TFS support. You can now copy from eeprom to TFS.
      - Small code changes.
V1.10 - Improved search function.
      - Removed Call dialog.
      - New Restriction function. Old one was buggy.
      - Some basic code changes.