lunar_phase.nrx                                                                       Version 2.02
  ===============                                                             Copyright 2008 D:Virus

  Script will show the current lunar phase according to the current date and time. The date and time
will need to be set to view the current phase. In the parameters field, you should select you chosen
location to the Equator EG: NORTH if you are Northern or SOUTH if you are Southern. By default NORTH
is selected.

I have created 2 definitions for activating the script..

Runs like a screen saver type. Will show in standby after timeout is reached. The settings are profiled.

The timed function stays on screen for 5 seconds, but can also be cancelled manually with the same
options as above. Ideal for use with quickkey, shortkeys or shortcodes scripts.

Requires   : None
Parameters : [LOCATION] Set to NORTH or SOUTH depending you location to the equator.
Definition : lunar_phase

V 2.02 - Wont open if a 0x5F0 is call. Eg "1 Missed Call".
V 2.01 - Small fix so will not run when Netmon or a Call is active.
       - Rearanged the display text. No year is shown anymore. Now displays DD.MM AGE:LIGHT.
V 2.00 - Re-written the hooking code.
       - Changed the functions display.
       - Installs only the LOCATION you need.
       - Works with locked keypad.