filetype_otb.nrx                                                                        Version 1.10
================                                                              Copyright 2008 D:Virus

Adds *.OTB, *.NOL, and *.NGG files support to File Manager (file_manager.nrx). These images are
"Over The Air (OTA)" Bitmaps files.

OTB files supported from size 72x1 to 72x28. Only images up to 72x14 can be sent OTA.

72x14 OPERATOR LOGOS and GROUP LOGOS (CLI) & 72x28 Picture messages
72x14 Logos will be sent with ONE message and all images need to be monochrome images.
Any image bigger than 72x14 will not be sent.

Simply add this script to the process list and patch. Script will require the file_manager.nrx
to be patched as well. Upload some OTB Logos to your file manager with the file type as OTB.

Create your own logos using Logomanager and save as OTB Bitmap image. Use NokiXfiler to upload
to phone. If you want to send already made BMP files, you can use Logomanager File Converter to
convert to OTB file types.

Browse the file manager and select OPEN under the *OTB file you wish to send, then you need to select
what type you are sending EG GROUP or OPERATOR. Operator Logos will require the NETWORK ID
(EG 23410 UK O2 or 23415 UK Vodafone), Group Logos do not require this.

Requires   : File Manager
Parameters : None
Definition : None

V1.10 - Added NGG & NOL support and sending OTA too.
V1.02 - To save incoming logos use SAVE_MESSAGES.NRX from now on.
V1.01 - Now user can set own logos without sending ota.
      - Support for different size of pictures.
      - Captures incoming Operator & Group Logos and save them to the TFS.