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.: News :.

Bugfix 6.10.2006
Because of a bug in one of the macros and in the include files I was forced to republish the snapshot. A new scripts package, their sources and SDK are available for download. More about the changes in Changelog.

New versions 2.10.2006
A new snapshot is available. All parts of the package except main program (scripts, tools, SDK) were updated. Refer to Changelog for informations about introduced changes.

PayPal donations accepted 4.09.2006
Starting from today, I am able to accept PayPal donations. Show your support and donate the NokiX project! Use the button on the left to do it.

New versions 25.08.2006
I decided to upload a new snapshot, this time a bit earlier. This means also, that there are not so many new things. However, all parts of the package (program, scripts, tools, SDK) were updated. This time there is no description here in the news, however, an updated Changelog is available as usual.

Offline documentation 25.08.2006
In response to a request from one of the users, the new version of SDK Documentation (0.8.5) is additionaly available in offline form (in Download section).

New versions 5.08.2006
Another update is ready. Most important changes include:
  • NokiX 1.37
  • Scripts snapshot (5.08.2006)
    • All scripts were compiled using new GCC (4.1.0) (included in new SDK) which resulted in more optimized and smaller code.
    • All scripts requiring external configuration files use a new parsing procedure which helps detect more errors in these files. This should help finding misspellings and such things.
    • file_system.rx
      New file system supports directories. Yes, it wasn't easy but I've made it. Other improvements include: file attributes, improved flash space management, new file system functions making programmers life easier.
    • file_manager.nrx
      File system supports directories, so file manager must allow to browse them (they are called here folders). It supports also many other functions like file attributes, moving or copying of files or whole folders. It includes a new file transfer protocol (based on MBus/FBus/DirectIR) allowing to transfer whole folders at once too. Handling of specific file types have been moved to separate scripts (filetype_xxx.nrx). This means that adding supprt for new file format is quite easy now. Additionaly on phones with WAP downloaded files which the phone can't handle by itself, can be saved to the "drive". Big thanks for my friend, Mikesz, for helping me a lot with tracking bugs (initialy there was a lot of them).
    • file_manager.rx
      A new macro, allows other scripts to easily add support for new file formats to file manager. It also allows to add new options to file manager's menu.
  • New versions of Tools
    • NokiXeditSS 1.02
    • NokiXfiler 2.00
      Support for the new file transfer protocol build in the new version of file_manager.nrx script. To send a directory to the phone, drop its icon on filer's window. Support for old protocol have been dropped.
    • NokiXni 1.02
    • NokiXshot 1.13
  • SDK 2.30
    • GCC 4.1.0
      Besides building from the new compiler sources, it also contains a fix for a "bug" that caused the phone to reset for example when a dispatcher was created and it didn't contain any function calls. This wasn't a bug in GCC of course but rather a compatibility issue between GCC and the compiler used by Nokia to compile its firmware's.
    • NokiXdebug 1.23
    • New documentation (take a look into Help section)
More about these and other improvements you can read in the Changelog.

Of course sources of all programs and scripts are also availabale.

Everything can be found in Download section.

Have phun!

Project Blacksphere mirror 5.08.2006
Since the famous Project Blacksphere website went offline some time ago, I decided to put up a mirror (see Help section). This is just a backup of the HTML files, things like login no longer work. It is meant as a reference for NokiX script developers. I'm doing this without permission of author of Blacksphere, wampus, but I wasn't able to contact him, And I have waited over a month for an answer.

New versions and new stuff 26.05.2006
First, sorry for a long delay. I was quite busy with my life and with the stuff I'm giving you now :D.

A short description of everything can be found in Changelog again. Here I will only point the most important things and some thoughts about their usage.

NokiX 1.33

Minor overall improvements. For example it is possible to set the default projects directory. Thanks to this you don't have to search for it every time you open a project. The user interface uses a different font now so it looks much better (smoother).

Flash File System

You probably know about the mail suite package developed by Spaceimpact33. Since all the messages have to be stored somewhere, it used a flash file system ported from MADos package. This implementation had some problems so together we've started working on a new one. You have to know that programming a file system isn't a trivial thing. Therefore I decided to port an already existing file system. I wanted it also to more sophisticated than MADos file system, so I choosed a Tiny File System included in MicroMonitor package.

The porting wasn't easy since our environment is a bit different than what's normally expected. But in the end everything went fine and we finally have it. This file system is completly different so the old mail suite will not work with it. Spaceimpact33 is still working on a new version which will also have some new features. This should be available shortly.

On the other hand I've developed some other scripts to utilize the new possibilities of storing files on the phone:
  • file_manager.nrx
    Very important application. Allows you to manage the files stored in the file system in the phone. Use it to transfer the files between two phones (using IR) and between phone and PC (using new tool, NokiX filer). It can create text files, rename, delete files and so on. It can display NI files (image/animation files created with new tool, NokiX NI) and play RE files (ringtones). It will also allow you to format the file system (remove all existing files and prepare the flash to store new files).
  • new_screen_saver.nrx
    As you probably guessed it is a new version of old screen_saver.nrx script but the screen saver files are stored as files in the file system instead of hardcoding them into the firmware. This enables a lot of possibilities. Screen savers can be exchanged (as any other files) without need to reflash the phone, they can also be sent between two phones with IR connection (both using file_manager.nrx). The screen savers are stored in NI files. A collection of example screen savers in this format can be found in Download section. A new tool, NokiX NI has been created to create such files from ordinary BMP or GIF files. NI files are usually smaller and can contain additional screen saver information about screen coordinates of the clock and date. This information can be edited with another tool, NokiX screen saver editor. Beacause the screen savers are stored as files, you will have more flash space for the file system.
  • new_welcome_anim.nrx
    A new version of welcome_anim.nrx script. Uses the very same NI files (see new_screen_saver.nrx). You can use one single file for both screen saver and welcome anim. If the file contains screen saver informations, these informations are simply ignored.
  • ringtones_files.nrx
    Lets you use the RE ringtone files as real ringtones, i.e. selected one will be played when you receive a call.
The old file system worked only on 3310, the new one is also much better here. I've tested it also on 5110, 8210 and 5210 but other models should also work. It won't work on 3210 beacause this is the only phone that cannot write to the flash memory without external power source (that's why 3210 connector has additional pins). Sorry, nothing can be done about it.

To use the file system, add file_system.nrx script to your project and specify the file system space size as the parameter. Check the script info to learn more. You will probably also want to include file_manager.nrx but that isn't required.

All the mentioned tools can be found in the new tools package in the Download section.

Software Development Kit (SDK), V2.20

New version of the kit contains an updated GCC (from the update released in the meantime) and new VisualHAM. Version 2.6 of this IDE is a major update with lots of bugs fixes and new features. It was developed by both me and Peter Schraut, the original author of VHAM. The SDK also introduces some smaller updated in bin utils and project templates. For more info, check the Changelog.

The SDK Documentation was also updated. Some yet undocumented macros were added. It also contains description of the file system programming and other new things.

I think that's all about the most important things. Now you can go to the Download section. Feel free to ask further questions on the forums. Have phun!

Linux version update 9.03.2006
Linux version of NokiX has been updated by Naresh. Now its version number is 1.01 and it's compatible with QT 4.1 library. Of course compatibility with version 4.0 was preserved.

New functionality in Archive section 23.02.2006
Archive section is finally usable. From now on, files can be both downloaded and uploaded using only a web browser. An interesting new feature is also the ability to view the scripts info (also from scripts compressed using ZIP) before downloading the files itself.

I would like it to be the main scripts exchange site (looking for all the scripts spreaded around forums is not too comfortable). I also trust that only valuable stuff will be uploaded there.

ADDED. Some files added lately to the Archive, exposed some bugs in the PHP script. This is fixed now.

SDK Update1 21.02.2006
A quick update is available for NokiX SDK. It includes a recompiled version of GCC 4.0.2 and new version of AS (2.16.1). Previous GCC compilation caused the generated code to crash when functions pointers were used (for example the recompilation of calendar script was impossible). Thanks to nuukiaworld for pointing this out.

The update is available here: (5.5MB)

New GCC sources were downloaded from

I'm back 16.01.2006
Hello to everybody in New Year!

Yesterday I got back from holidays so now I can finally return to further NokiX development.

Quick updates 27.12.2005
The NokiX SDK was updated. It is now compatible with Windows 9x/ME systems. Also a missing include file was added. The scripts package (NokiX scripts and NokiX scripts sources) was also updated - some small bugs in insert_graphics macro were fixed. Thanks to all people that helped me track these bugs down.

NokiX SDK V2 beta version release 26.12.2005
As a bit late Christmas present I have a new NokiX SDK for you.

The SDK has now entered a beta state and I think it's usable so it can be published. Together with it the distribution model of whole NokiX changes a bit. Now it is divided in following files:
  • NokiX main - contains NokiX along with all needed files like Regina DLL and Borland libs but without Rexx scripts
  • NokiX scripts - contains all Rexx scripts and macros for NokiX written by me
  • NokiX scripts sources - sources of all my Rexx scripts and macros provided as projects of the NokiX SDK (note that not all scripts mave been transfered to the new SDK yet)
  • NokiX SDK - the new NokiX SDK, required to write new scripts, games or applications and to compile projects from the scripts sources package
First two files are everything you need to use NokiX. Other two are also required if you plan to develop for the NokiX.

Please don't overwrite your current NokiX directory! Instead, create w new one somewhere else. This package was tested only by me so there may be some problems. Make sure the path to the directory you are installing NokiX in does NOT contain any spaces as the SDK requires that!

The Linux version wasn't updated and it will not work with the new scripts! I apologize, this was my fault. It will be available on this page in January, maybe faster on the forums.

The scripts are mostly in same versions, the only visible changes are the Breaker with fixed bug (it hang when the ball was catched on the edge of paddle and then it was moved to the screen border) and the Calendar with improved 'week of year' function. However, I had no time to document it in the changelog.

The SDK in final form contains:
  • VisualHAM, an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) including editor with syntax highlighting (C, Rexx, ARM assembly), autocompletion feature and tooltips
  • GNU GCC 4.0.2, the GNU/C compiler
  • GNU AS 2.16, the GNU ARM assembler
  • nokix_link, my own linker used to integrate compiled code, graphics, ringtones and other data with Rexx script
  • Rolis 4.78b6, DCT3 flasher + PartialFlasher 0.30 for fast phone flashing
  • NokiXstdout 1.22, tool for displaying debugging informations on the PC using FBus cable
  • The IDE includes templates for rapid development of applications and games
  • Some simple examples projects
  • Everything joined together to form a compact development environment
I hope there will be a lot of questions about this SDK, I really do. The problem is I'm leaving right now to spend the New Year in Poland. I'll be back around 15 January and I'm going to do my best to help you when I'm back here again.

Till then try it on your own...

NokiX SDK Documentation 26.12.2005
In the Help section the old "Programming in Nokia DCT3 environment" document was replaced with the new NokiX SDK Documentation which includes the old document and adds many new things including description of the new NokiX SDK package being also published today.

New NokiX Archive 26.12.2005
The Archive section was improved a bit. Now the uploaded files can be downloaded directly from there without need to connect to FTP server. However, uploading still requires this. Currently there are no files since all were deleted during last server hardware upgrade.

Snapshot updated 24.10.2005
Last snapshot was updated (date wasn't changed).

  • calendar.nrx - compatible with 3330 and 5510
  • add_5e0_id.rx - minor bugfix of added actions handling

New snapshot 22.10.2005
New scripts development snapshot (22.10.2005) is available now. Complete list of changes can be found in a Changelog.

For normal users I have a new version of Breaker with bonuses and different game modes - now it's really fun to play it. There is also a totaly new calendar script. On 3310 model it integrates itself with Reminders function resulting in a simple but real calendar function (with notes) in these phones. On 8210 and simmilary it integrates with build-in nokia calendar replacing its one day view with full month view. The calendar has a new look (3510 alike) and the week starting day can be set. Maze3D is capable of utilising the high resolution of 3350's LCD and displays the game on full screen. Read the changelog for other changes.

For developers I have a new freegfx.rx which supports DM_BLINK drawing mode. Now if you want to draw some blinking element on the screen you don't have to use timers. I have also reviewed and reorganised the include files. Own types like UBYTE or ULONG aren't used anymore. I've decided to use standard types like char or int instead (however, old ones are still defined so your old code should compile without problems). Standard prototypes like malloc(), free() or strlen() were removed and apropriate ANSI-C headers are included automaticaly.

New snapshot 6.10.2005
New scripts development snpashot (6.10.2005) is available now.

Regular users won't find much usefull new stuff there. However, it contains quite a lot of internal updates. The most important is the ability to create custom Navi keys actions. Applications developers may find it usefull (use bus_timetable.nrx as an example). Regular users can use this function to change the Navi keys descriptions in menu (special options have been added to menu structure format, look into write_menu.nrx for more info).

Another important thing is a small step into the world of 96x65 LCD phones. However I have to cool down your enthusiasm, 3410 is out of the question right now. But if you have for example 3350, you should try to fire up, lets say, Breaker. I cannot say it will work (I don't have such phone model) but the processing ends without errors and everything looks ok. The game should be visible in upper left corner of the screen (sorry, it has to be like that). If this will work, we will be able to write games working on both LCD resolutions (through special programming of the game drawing routines) or games dedicated to 3350 which will take advantage of its higher resolutuion.

The bus_timetable.nrx have been highly improved. It is finally possible to specify separate departures for every bus/tram stop. That's very important if your bus/tram runs faster in the evening (for example), the shift mechanism (previously called delay) is useless in such case. The side effect of the improvements was the need to rethink the timetable file format and so the old one will no longer work. However, the changes you have to make are really cosmetic, read bus_timetable.nrx script info and take a look at the examples in bus_timetable subdirectory to learn more.

The rest of the changes have been described in Changelog.

That's all for now, seeya.

freegfx_set_action() obsolete 30.09.2005
To scripts developers:
Please don't use the freegfx_set_action() function in your applications (AFAIK it wasn't used so far) as from the next snapshot this function will be removed. Its functionality will be replaced with a new mechanism allowing to add custom actions to the system tables.

New snapshot 29.09.2005
New scripts development snpashot (29.09.2005) is available now.
List of changes can be found in Changelog.

Most important changes are:
  • Maze 3D (maze3d.nrx)
    This is my third game. Your task is very simple: find the exit from a labirynth. The most interesting thing is that you see the labirynth from a first person perspective (FPP) in a 3D view. This is something new for Nokia DCT3 phones (at least so far).
  • bus_timetable.nrx
    Inserts a tram/bus timetable (scheduler) application. Support for multiple lines and automatic calculation of soonest departure are its key features.
  • bug fixes
    I got quite a lot bug reports after publishing prevoius snapshot, this one hopefully fixes them.
Have phun!

NokiX goes Open Source 21.09.2005
Today, the source code of NokiX for Windows was published under GPL licence.

The update of Linux version (NokiX 1.00), available for some time on polish forums, was also added to Download section. This version is based on QT4 libraries.

Come back snapshot 21.09.2005
New scripts snapshot (21.09.2005) is available. It contains a lot of chanages, full list can be found in Changelog, as usual.

New version of the NokiX (1.28a) is also available. Changes are cosmetic, only one bugfix.

I'm back 6.09.2005

I just quickly wanted to say that I'm back in one piece and ready to go on with NokiX :D.

Time to rest... 22.07.2005
Tommorow I'm leaving, I'm going to lay down on some beach watching the chicks and thingking of new patches :D. Since I'm going to be away for a whole month, I decided to leave you with what I have today, so:

New NokiX (v1.28) is available now. Introduces some new features like associating itself with .nxp files or allowing to start a text editor to edit script or parameter files (check the scripts list popup).

New scripts development snpashot (22.07.2005) is available now. List of changes can be found in Changelog.

RTTTL2RE tool can be downloaded. Yesterday evening I wrote this quickly to convert RTTTL ringtones to RE files (needed by the add_ppm_ringtone.nrx script). This proggy is not finished, yet appears that it works better than other free tools. The conversion algo comes from Gammu tool for Linux, thus my tool is also distributed with sources.

Have fun with the stuff and see you in a month.

NokiX for Linux 12.07.2005
Thanks to persistent work of our mate, Naresh, we can finally test the first beta version of NokiX for Linux systems!

Program usage is simmilar to Windows version, almost all functions were implemented. The heart of this application was ported from Windows version so it's 100% compatible (output flashes are same).

This archive contains only an i686 executable. Before using you have to install Regina on your system. An apropriate rpm file can be downloaded from SourceForge. In case of any problems please contact the author directly.

[Yak] & Naresh

Grab and play 11.07.2005
A month passed and I've prepared some new things for you:

New scripts development snpashot (11.07.2005) containing:
  • Breaker (breaker.nrx)
    My second game for Nokia DCT3, an Arkanoid clone. There's no falling bonuses yet but there are different bricks and customizable levels! Example leves file is included, it contains only 10 levels (max is 99) so I hope to see many custom leves soon so I can include one as official with this game (of course with info about author).
  • Stones (stones.nrx)
    Possibility to play through F/MBus cable or IrDA. This is an early alpha so some tests still need to be done. Before you ask, cables are special ones but very simple to make. In MBus variant, you only have to connect corresponding PINs (MBus and GND) of one phone to the other. In FBus, GND is also simply connected and Tx, Rx lines have to be crossed.
  • hour_beep.nrx
    Abbility to set the hours range, in which the phone should beep (use script parameters to set this).
  • lcd_contrast.nrx
    New script, control LCD contrast through phone's menu.
  • NokiX shot (nokix_shot.nrx)
    This one together with NokiX shot program allows to grab a screenshot of the phone's LCD. It can be saved later as a BMP file. I hope that from now on, shots will be attached to bug reports.
  • real_backspace.nrx
    This one changes the way the C key works when it is holded down. Istead of clearing whole text, it is repeated clearing only one char each time (like in new phones or computers).
  • repair_external_eeprom.nrx
    This script allows to write the virgin EEPROM to the EEPROM chip of phones where it is a real, external chip (like 5110/3210). I've already resurrected one N3210.
Descriptions of other changes can be found in Changelog. I also invite you to visit Screenshots section beacause there are some phone's grabs now too (yes, Breaker's shots too).

There's also a new version of NokiXstdout, 1.20. It has a completly new COM port handling layer which seems to be more stable.

Fixed not-mine scripts 18.06.2005
ZIP file with fixed not-mine scripts had grown up a little, currently it contains following scripts fixed to be compatible with last snapshot:
  • LCD_toggle.nrx
  • led_toggle_v2.nrx
  • menu_in_id.nrx
  • netgraph_def.nrx
  • sec_code_2_default.nrx
  • set_volume_def.nrx
  • soft_info.nrx
  • spymode_def.nrx
  • viruz_def.nrx
In case of further problems, please contact me.

Bugfixes 17.06.2005
Bugs found in birthday scripts release were fixed. New official scripts package is available now together with updated development snapshot. List of changes can be found in Changelog.

Bugs were also found in following "third party" scripts:
  • sec_code_2_default.nrx
  • set_volume_def.nrx
  • soft_info.nrx
  • viruz_def.nrx
They didn't work correctly with new version of add_5e0_id.rx script. All these scripts were fixed by me, their updated versions can be found in NokiX Archive or here for quick download.

NokiXstdout was updated to version 1.11 and will work with standard Borland libraries reqiered by NokiX, previous version needed some extra ones.

I would also like to thank all the people who sent me greetings on NokiX birthday. Thank you all, it's great to be here with you!

Happy birthday, NokiX! 15.06.2005
Yes, NokiX is one year old!

News from 15.06.2004 from the old NokiX site which still lies on my HDD:

@ 15.06.2004
Hmmm... it was supposed to be few days... now it's few weeks :). OK, today I've uploaded first version of NokiX to this site. For the first time, download the full package with Regina DLL and scripts. If you don't have Borland Runtime Libraries you will have to download them too. Other links are prepared for updates so using them now is pointless. This is an early beta version which was tested only by me. So if you try it, I would be grateful if you could tell be about founded bugs or incompatibilities. The best way to do it will be a post on NokiaFREE NokiX forum. If you don't have an accout there and you don't want to have one (it's free if you don't know) you can send me a message through ICQ (UIN: 109047715). Waiting for your response...

Today, we are not only very far from that moment in time, but also in knowledge. This joined knowledge of me and the well known g3gg0 (greetz!), creator of pionieer G3n0lite and MADos, allow us to present you the best and most advanced patch ever made for Nokia DCT3 phone series...

Plotter 2.0

Regular NokiX users probably know version 1.0 of this application. It is a full featured mathematical functions plotter witch can turn almost any DCT3 into a combination of Nokia phone and scientific Casio calculator in one device. Version 2.0 introduce many improvements and new features which really make this a Proffesional tool now. Some of its main features are:
  • simultaneous plotting of multiple functions,
  • temporary disabling of functions,
  • support for parametrical functions,
  • up to 23 custom parameters,
  • fast scrollable buffered view with key repeating,
  • customizable scroll speed,
  • wide zooming range ( 0.0000001x - 10000000x !!! ),
  • 4 accuracy levels,
  • direct jumping to specified exact X value,
  • calculating exact functions values for current X,
  • and many more...

Together with this fine release I've finally compiled official scripts package which in comparision to the previous one (from last year) is very stable. Of course if you're interested in source codes, grab the updated development snapshot.

For description of all the changes in all scripts read the Changelog.

Another important thing is for developers only. Till now debugging of the written code was very hard beacause there was no console window where the output of functions like printf() could be printed. Now it is finally possible, the functions are automaticaly inserted in flash and their output is sent through FBus cable to PC where it is displayed on screen with NokiXstdout tool. A clean and very handy solution.

I think it's enough for today, happy celebrating!

New things 28.05.2005
New NokiX (v1.26) is available now.
New scripts development snpashot (28.05.2005) is available now.
List of changes can be found in Changelog.

Added: Snapshot have been updated, first uploaded version didn't work correctly on 5110.

NokiX finally usefull ;) 17.05.2005
I've just finished developing of a new NokiX version, 1.25. It's a major update with lots of new features. Detailed list can be found in Changelog.

New scripts development snapshot with some minor updates is also available.

Most of the new things in NokiX 1.25 are self-explanatory. The ones that need additional words are...

During this whole time since first versions of NokiX were presented I received a lot of "bug-reports" about scripts that simply didn't work when they should. This was frequently the problem with locating the macros scripts (*.rx). Previous NokiX versions were expecting, that these scripts were located in 'scripts' subdirectory of NokiX directory. So for example, if you've downloaded new scripts package (or development snapshot) to some directory on your HDD and you wanted your project to use it, simply redirecting all scripts in your processing list to new directory wasn't enough beacause new *.nrx scripts could still use the old macros from 'scripts' directory. This could lead into trouble since macros and main scripts (*.nrx) from different versions of scripts packages are not always compatible. New version of NokiX solves this problem by providing possibility to set the directory with macros scripts (*.rx). Additionaly this setting is saved in every project file so you can use different macros directory (and so different snapshots) with different project files. The directory with scripts is no longer connected in any way with main program, everything is defined in project file. I hope this will finally fix all these problems mentioned at the beginning.

AutoClone feature
Thanks to NokiX we finally got animated screen savers on our Nokia's. But when it comes to add not one but 20 screen savers to your project it can be painfull beacause you have to add every screen saver file individually. NokiX 1.25 solves this by providing a feature to automate this task. Lets say, for example, you want to add those 20 screen savers. In NokiX 1.25 you just have to press "Add", select "screen_saver.nrx" and then press "..." near Parameters edit box. Now (here comes the magic), simply select those 20 screen savers and press OK. The "screen_saver.nrx" script item in your processing list will be automatically cloned 20 times and every selected screen saver file will be assigned to separate copy. Done. You can use this feature to any script that can be used multiple times, like "welcome_anim.nrx" or "write_main_menu.nrx".

Please remember that this version of NokiX wasn't tested too much and can still contain some new bugs, I hope that you will help me detecting and removing them.

New snapshot 6.05.2005
Quick update, fixes the bug of keylock_guard.nrx causing it to be unusable (bug introduced in 5.05 snapshot). New scripts development snpashot and a Changelog.

New snapshot 5.05.2005
New scripts development snapshot is available now. List of made changes can be found in Changelog.

Nokia DCT3 SDK 27.04.2005
In Help section you can find a preview of documentation describing how to write new applications for Nokia DCT3 phones. Since this is very early version, it contain only a few hints but I hope to develop it further soon...

Nokia 3210 26.04.2005
I'm proud to announce that soon a 3210 compatible version of script adding Rhythmic Backlight will be released. I also found that this model has separated LED lines for LCD and Keyboard (like newer 3310) so the backlight will switch between LCD and Keyboard during ringtone playback.

I also tried to make fading effect on 3210 but LEDs changing seems to be too slow to handle it. 3210 is (AFAIK) the only model with LEDs connected through DSP. Shame.

Archive opened 22.04.2005
We got two new sections on the site:

First section - Archive - is an FTP server where third party scripts and other materials concerning NokiX can be shared. I hope to see many scripts, screen savers and other stuff there soon.

Second section - Bugwatch - contains a list of currently known bugs and their status. If you got problems or want to help fixing bugs you should take a look.

Windows 9x/ME back in bussines! 15.04.2005
NokiX 1.17 is available now. Windows 9x/ME compatibility was restored and a small bug in Dumper was fixed (Changelog).

I would also like to thank an unknown person for sending me €5 "als Dankeschön für dein tolles Program NokiX".

I'm back 3.04.2005
Yesterday I came back from Holiday in Poland. It was great but ended with sad news from Vatican (see previous news).

Current plans concerning NokiX:
  • Restore Windows 9x/ME comatibility,
  • Fix as many scripts bugs as possible,
  • Finaly release new official scripts package.
Things will be done in foregoing order. Till then I will not develop any new scripts/functions.

List of currently known bugs and their status (last update 13.04.2005):
  • add_ppm_strings.rx - errors in procedures responsible for placing new PPM in flash (done, available),
  • add_ppm_strings.rx - shifted strings on 5510 3.53 and some 3330 (please confirm),
  • find_window.rx - doesn't work on 6150 (done).
  • freegfx.rx - doesn't work on 6150 (done, available).
  • screen_saver.nrx - power saving with animation slow down doesn't work too well, have to be replaced with animation stop as it was before (done, available),
  • screen_saver.nrx - 10 minutes delay don't work (done, available),
  • screen_saver.nrx - pops up when netmonitor is in use (done, available),
  • timers.rx - fails when short and long timers are used at the same time (done, available),
  • true_7_bars.nrx - on 3330 i 5510, when we're using bars that overlap NaviKey's zone and we press C, bottom parts of bars are cutted (done, available),
Status available means that this fix is included in currently available development snapshot.

This list will be filled up with bugs you'll send to me ( Errors reported by single user that I will not be able to "cause" on my system will not be added to this list. I'm waiting for your response.

I would also like to thank Kamil (kamilGD) for sending me an N3210, N51xx connector and a couple of covers. All in all I've received 3 phones from him - thanks Kamil. New phone is alrealy connected and I can start scripts testing.

Pope passed away 3.04.2005
Yesterday evening Pope John Paul II died. We are joining together after loosing such a great man. We will remember his lessons and goodness forever.

Easter update v2 18.03.2005
New things (changelog):
I've also added a couple of example screen savers in GIFs to Download section.

Unfortunaltely I couldn't make NokiX to work on Windows 95/98/ME due to lack of time. Since now I will be gone for 2 weeks I will try to do it after I'm back. Till then you can try to use version 1.02 which should work with some little problems. You will have to ask someone on the forum for it since I'm not archiving old versions.

Easter update 16.03.2005
Next major update is available now. Main application (NokiX) was updated to version 1.15. Also many scripts were fixed and some new added to the snapshot (16.03.2005). Here you will find a full Changelog of changes made in both app and scripts. More informations about scripts changes can be found in snapshot archive.

It's a shame that we still don't have up-to-date official scripts package. I wanted to make it from the last snapshot but meanwhile I've added some new things and now they have to be tested. I promise to make a stable official package soon now (after fixing bugs).

Quick fixes and... 2.02.2005
New scripts development snpashot is available now. As usual there is also a Changelog. It seems to be quite stable now so soon the official package will be based on it.

Last time I forgot to say, that we have the first person who donated me, and with two phones at once: N5110 i N5130. His nickname is kamilGD. Compatibility with both models was improved (already in previous snapshot) and I test all new things on them too. If you want me to improve compatibility with some diffrent model, please take a look in Donation section.

New year, new versions 29.01.2005
Welcome back everyone! I have just uploaded a new scripts development snpashot. List of most important changes can be found in Changelog. Test it and send your comments to me. When all bugs will be removed this will become official scripts package.

Along with new scripts a new NokiX version was released. It's number is 1.02 and it has some internal code improvements when compared to 1.00. I have also tried to improve the stability so it might not hang as often as previous versions. The archive includes a new updated NokiX project example that makes use of new techniques (for example definitions) used by scripts from latest snapshot.

Added: New NokiX requiers newest Regina DLL, be sure to have the one that is available in Download section.

So, I'm going 23.12.2004
From today till about 15 january further developing is suspended. The cause is my trip to father land - Poland - to celebrate Christmas and New Year there. Unfortunately I couldn't give you new official scripts package before leaving. All I could do is to publish next snapshot update. There is no changelog beacause I had no time to make it, you will have to work it out by yourself :).

Marry Christmas and happy New Year!

New things 20.12.2004
New NokiX (v1.00) is available now.
New scripts development snpashot is available now.

We also have another server change. Now this page is hosted by New address is:

New snapshot 12.12.2004
New scripts development snpashot is available now.

Polish users have now the ability to read this page in polish. Just click on the flag in right upper corner.

It's alive! 6.12.2004
Ok, site works again!

After a serius server troubles I deceided to move to a diffrent server. Thanks to Isk from, this site is now hosted on a professional web server and should not cause any more problems. Thanks again mate.

The old address will continue to work but I strongly advise you to update your bookmarks to new one,, as this is now the official address. Also my e-mail address changed and is now

I would like to thank everyone else that offered me help with this problem, especialy g3gg0 himself and guys from site.

For now, you will find olny old files here but new update is being prepared.

PS: Happy Nicolaus Day for all NokiX fans from Poland!

Script updater and ZIP 1.12.2004
Script updater requiered WinZIP to be installed in your system. Now the needed DLL (unzip32.dll) was included in program's archive. Thanks to M_arti21 for pointing this out.

mobile_unlocker.nrx bugfix 30.11.2004
It's strange that nobody reported this bug but mobile_unlocker.nrx had some strange problems with menus and dialogs. Now it is fixed and works like it should.

Quick updates 29.11.2004
New things:
  • advanced_calculator.nrx with support for 5510,
  • shortkeys.nrx based on timers (should be more stable),
  • add_bitmap.rx with support for 5510,
  • better_counter.nrx with Unicode supprt,
  • fixed slideshow.nrx (last version almost didn't work),
  • calendar.nrx with NaviKey detection fix,
  • true7bars.nrx with charging animation speeded up (like in newer phones),
  • updated Regina REXX interpreter DLL (not in beta state anymore),
  • updated Borland Runtime Libraries (to version,
  • Nokix 0.98,
Have phun!

Scripts update 25.11.2004
Both official scripts archive as well as snapshot were updated. Changelog:
  • new invert_lcd.nrx: works again and is much faster than old one,
  • fixed calendar.nrx: sometimes NaviKey didn't work, now it should,
  • fixed add_5e0_id.rx: improved error handling,
  • fixed write_main_menu.nrx: improved error handling,
  • some other minor changes.

NokiX - The Return of the King! 24.11.2004
Welcome to new NokiX web-page! The result of my first steps into PHP programming. Hope you like it! The web-page is not the only new thing here. In Download section you will find a lot of new stuff...

First of all there is a new version of NokiX - 0.97. It was improved with some very helpfull things like opened projects history or single file simulation. Just play with it for a while and you will know what I mean.

Secondly, updated scripts. The truth is I just don't remember all the changes I've made there. I will try to point out most important things:
  • new advanced_calculator.nrx: easier usage, even of basic functions,
  • better_counter.nrx: SMS chars counter like in N3100,
  • calendar.nrx: integrates with Reminders, replaces date asking dialog,
  • new call_duration.nrx: uses system windows, no more display problems,
  • new keylock_clock.nrx: high customization,
  • mobile_unlocker.nrx: simlock codes calculator (only Nokia DCT-3/4 for now),
  • new add_ppm_string.nrx: improved compatibility,
  • new write_main_menu.nrx: allows to add static images to items from BMP files,
  • new slideshow.nrx: allows to use BMP files instead of hashes (#),
  • smooth_sms_scroll.nrx: line-by-line SMS scrolling,
  • bitmap compression (ByteRun1 algorithm), used in bitmaps-using scripts,
  • new RAM reservation routines for patches (thanx g3gg0),
  • new screen refresh mechanism for own applications,
  • fixed common problem with applying stones.nrx,
  • more models supported by locate.rx, thanks to mestrini,
  • lots of minor improvements and changes.
I'm also publishing development environment package that will let you write codes for patches using ARM assembly or C language. Download the scripts snapshot package (where sources of all my scripts can be found) and you will be able to modify not only the scripts but also the codes inserted by them. Imagine, you can create your own version of Stones, and later even your own game!

Thanks to Spaceimpact33 and Yomanda-1337 you can now update your scripts easily using their tool NokiX Script Updater.

Guide in HTML format about programming applications for Nokia DCT-3 phones is being created. It will be posted in Help section when finished.

What else can I say, have phun!

Get Firefox!

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